Launch Of The Johannesburg Wing Of Fountain Of Life Christian Centre

The Johannesburg wing of FLCC was launched very successfully on January 20, 2013. This was a great milestone in the advancement of the vision of FLCC to take revival to the nations. The whole process that culminated in the launch was a work of God; the grace of God was evident to all that witnessed the occasion. Brothers and sisters had come from as far as Limpopo Province and Zimbabwe. Amongst many others, the occasion was graced by the presence of the Apostle Christopher Mukanyi and Pastor Lawrence Chidaushe from Zimbabwe. Pastor Wilson Silima from FLCC Nkuzani, Pastor Shirley Shihlomulo from His Presence (Louis Trichardt) and Pastor Raymond Sono from FLCC Pretoria (The Orchards) were also there. Dr Mike Maimele taught a powerful message titled “Conquering Gates, Building the Church,” that was based on Matthew 16: 13 – 18.

Worship Service at FLCC Johannesburg

Johannesburg being the economic hub of South Africa and a gateway into Africa, the establishment of the Johannesburg wing of FLCC was a very powerful spiritual statement that symbolised the handing over of spiritual responsibility of Africa to FLCC. This ‘branch’ literally serves a springboard for the international mandate of FLCC. Currently on the international front, FLCC is involved hands-on with several churches in The Philippines that operate under the banner and oversight of Dr Mike Maimele and FLCC. Several churches in Zimbabwe and Zambia have been with FLCC for a good number of years now, and the influence is spreading like a virus throughout these countries.

The Sunday of the Launch recorded an attendance of more than 290 people that almost filled the launching hall in Ghandi Mall, Ghandi Square, Johannesburg. This was not a realistic reflection of what the church services would look like since there were many visitors that came to support the launch. Then the second Sunday, January 27, recorded an attendance of 128 – an overwhelming start by all human judgement. Any experience starter of a church knows what this means. Then the second family worship service on February 3 recorded an attendance of 192 adults plus about 13 children. What a start!

Fountain of Life School in Zambia

January 2013 saw the opening of doors to the First Grade of Fountain of Life (FLS) scholars in Ndola, Zambia. The school is a fulfilment of prophecy a few months back that “there is something big about to happen in Zambia to do with FLCC,” uttered by Prophet Jimmy Lebese from Pretoria. At that time no one had the idea what the “something big” was all about until Pastor Bernard Chimuna, overseer of four (4) FLCC churches in Zambia indicated the dire need for a school to be started in the poverty-stricken area of Ndola. The school is a private institution owned by the church but offering free education for the poor children that would otherwise have no chance of schooling. Some of these children literally have no parents, no clothes, and no food, having been orphaned by the cruel scourge of HIV in the area. But God has offered them another chance and another lease on life. What a mighty God we serve! At the moment the church is offering them free education, clothes and at least a dish of soft porridge per day. We look forward to offering them three solid meals per day in the very near future by God’s grace, because the one meal many of these children get is the only meal that they look forward to on a daily basis. The school has admitted about 95 children for the 2013 academic year, and more and more parents have been banging on the doors of the school to have their children admitted. We believe that God will make a way for them as well because He cares for them.

Fountain of Life School in Ndola, Zambia 

Fountain of Life Christian Centre on Facebook and Twitter

Fountain of Life Christian Centre joined facebook on December 26, 2012. We invite everybody to like us on facebook as well as follow us on Twitter. Addresses are . If you are hungry for fresh spiritual food on a daily basis, make the habit of visiting at least one of these pages for a powerful time of virtual fellowship. We know that there are some Christians who think that facebook is unholy, but that only depends on who uses facebook and for what. It’s like saying a cellphone or television is unholy because there are people who misuse it. Beloved, anything has the potential to be made holy or unholy; but anything becomes a good thing if it is put to good use. We double-dare you to like us on facebook and see what conclusion you will come up with.


So much goes on in Fountain of Life Christian Centre facebook. Apart from daily timely messages that keep feeding God’s people with the uncompromised Word, there are group sites where different matters of interest are handled. Remember that you participate in a group by invitation. Once you are invited and become a member you then have access to all group privileges. The two groups are as follows:

Fountain of Life Group

In this group, discussion of general spiritual matters and questions and answers from anyone takes place. This group is open to anyone interested. Share victories and testimonies with other believers. Remember that we overcome satan by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony (Rev. 12: 10). To participate in this group click here and you will be redirected to the relevant page. Enjoy it. Do not sit with unanswered questions that could be easily addressed. You need to ask someone to invite you to the group to belong in it and be able to share ideas.

Fountain of Life Professionals

Here, professional people hold virtual gatherings or cyber gatherings and share work related experiences, problems and questions. Anyone that has insight into such issues is welcome to provide word-based answers that are meant to assist and uplift others. This is also the page to share job opportunities as they arise in our workplaces. You need to ask someone to invite you to the group to belong in it and be able to share ideas. To access this page click here.

Open Heaven Conference 2012 Report

“Walking under an open heaven”

The much awaited Open Heaven Conference at Fountain of Life Christian Centre finally arrived. The atmosphere was fully charged with anticipation. On the first evening of the Conference people demonstrated their thirst and hunger for God, truth and solutions by filling the main hall even before 18h00, which was the scheduled time for the service. We thank God that people are no longer ignorant. They know that it is God alone whom they should run to, seeking truth and solutions.

This conference was graced by the presence of powerful speakers such as Pastor Wilson Silima of Fountain of Life Christian Centre, Nkuzani. When he introduced the topic of his teaching as “Walking Under an Open Heaven”, people thought he was just laying a foundation for the conference. On the contrary, the Open Heaven Conference had already been put to top gear.

We were honoured to host Pastor Rob DeLuca, senior pastor of His Way Church in Auckland, New Zealand and California, USA and Pastor Surprise Sithole, International Director of Pastors for IRIS Ministries, whose desire is that the whole world should be covered with God’s glory. Pastor Sam van Niekerk (Dr. Mike Maimele’s spiritual father) and Dr. Mike Maimele (Host) were also speakers at this conference.

The conference was characterised by strong teaching of the Word of God accompanied by powerful revelations and testimonies of the wonderful things that God does every day. The messages were relevant to the theme of the conference, viz. “Walking Under an Open Heaven.” Pastor Wilson Silima spoke about Walking Under an Open Heaven and the hurdles we create that are responsible for our failure to walk under an open heaven. Amongst what Pastor Surprise Sithole taught was a message about The Ministry of the Church here on Earth, outlining the role that we need to play in serving God as the church of Christ. Pastor Rob DeLuca’s message that We are Called to Serve made people to start introspecting and to find God’s plans and purposes for their lives.

Pastor Sam van Niekerk preached about The Power of One, which was a message relevant to the church today and a conference of this kind. Dr. Mike Maimele spoke about Developing Your Inner Strength, which is what every believer needs to do if one is to walk under an open heaven.

Healing and deliverance were not left out in this conference. The Holy Spirit moved in a special way and people were delivered and healed in these meetings. God also spoke to various people through prophecies during services. That gold dust was seen on the carpet, pulpit and other areas in the church was proof of God’s presence in meetings. Precious stones (diamonds) also fell from heaven and were given back to those who found them after they were shown to the congregation.

The kind of worship that was experienced during this conference was one of its kind. "But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth." John 4:23–24 NKJV. People opened themselves up to God and worshipped from the depth of their hearts, which saturated the atmosphere with an almost tangible presence of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Rob DeLuca also prayed for pastors who were in attendance for Spirit-filled and revival-filled churches. Pastors were urged to stop following religion and traditions and allow the Holy Spirit to have His way in their churches, and that is when they will have Spirit driven churches that will be according to God’s will. He also prayed for young children to catch God’s fire and be baptised in the Holy Spirit. So many of them spoke and prayed in tongues and were instructed to pray for adults who had needs.

We really thank God for this conference because it moved us from glory to glory and a shift in the spirit has occurred. This was a real encounter with God and boundaries have been re-demarcated.

Transformation School of Ministry

Lifechange Training Centre (Reg. No. 2008/010258/08, SAQA ID No. 83206, Department of Education No. 2011/HE08/003) in association with Transformation School of Ministry based at Fountain of Life Christian Centre offers a “Higher Certificate in Ministry"  in 2013. The information is as follows:

Certificate Fee: R4 800.00; Deposit: R1 500.00, Min. requirement: Matric Certificate*, Classes: Mondays and Tuesdays, Time: 19h00 - 21h00

Duration: 1 year, Closing date: Mon, 7 January 2013, Orientation date: Mon, 28 January 2013

For more info. contact Mrs Mahundla on 073 953 8424 or 076 192 3488,

26 Courses “Higher Certificate in Ministry” (128 Credits)

Doctrine & Theology,

1.Teaching of Jesus I, 2.Teaching of Jesus II, 3.Teaching of Jesus III, 4.The gospel & The Kingdom,5.Redemption & Salvation, 6.The Holy Spirit, 7.Angels & Demons, 8.Authority, Allegiance & Scriptures,


1.Knowing God I, 2. Knowing God II, 3.Prayer & Fasting, 4.Praise & Worship, 5.Church Fellowship,6.Small Group, 7.Marriage

Bible Study

1.Intro. to Bible Study, 2.Bible Study I, 3.Bible Study II, 4.Bible Study III, 5.Bible Study IV, 6.Old Testament I, 7.Old Testament II, 8.Old Testament III, 9.New Testament I, 10.New Testament II,11.New Testament III

Dr Mike Maimele's Graduation

What a wonderful time we had exploring the mercy and love of God as we celebrated Pastor Mike’s Doctoral achievement.  Pastor Mike was invited as a guest of honour in a Bible college in Santiago, Philippines, where they encouraged him to register for a Doctor of Divinity (DD) degree offered by Kingsway Christian College in the United States of America. Pastor Mike took the bull by its horns and enrolled. He studied and by God’s grace completed his doctorate and graduated on the 4 th of May 2012.

As Fountain Of Life Christian Centre, we celebrated his achievement by throwing a graduation party the following week on the 9 th of May 2012. What a special moment it has been, as we gathered together with the school principals, local and national distinguished guests, Pastors from different churches, Ward 13 counsellor, Hlanganani North Circuit manager, friends of the ministry, spiritual sons and the local chief. We were also thrilled to have Pastor Chidauche from Zimbabwe together with Pastor Nelumango all the way from Zambia, as well as Pastor Mike’s spiritual father, Dr Sampie Van Niekerk and his Wife Deline from our local town Makhado, formerly known as Louis Trichartdt.

Thanks to Pastor Sadiki, organizer of the Christian inter-youth Fellowship and Founder of the community based organization called Focus in Community Good Will. Pastor Sadiki was an outstanding program director.

On behalf of the church, Mrs Mikateko Mapimele said: “As a church we regard Dr Mike as a father, a man of integrity, a very humble man, a man of order and our role model. He is an unselfish leader, who leads by example and we are following in his footsteps. “

We would like to salute and thank Dr Mike’s friends, Mr Amos Mboweni, executive director for housing in the city of Tshwane, Pastor Ringani of True Vine Church at Waterval, Pastor Israel Hlungwani from Malamulele, founder and Pastor of Matiyani Apostolic Faith Mission, Dr David Mulutsi from Polokwane, senior Pastor of God’s Tabernacle Family Church in Seshego. It would not have been such a glamorous event if it were not for their generous support. Keep the friendship wheel oiled.

On behalf of all Dr Mike’s Spiritual sons and daughters, Pastor Louis Ngobeni from Dan village, Nkowankowa, said: “Dr Mike has set a practical example to all of us. This did not come easy; it came through hard work, focus, determination and lots of sacrifice.”  He concluded by quoting one of the best phrases Dr Mike likes to utter, especially when lecturing in the Bible school: “If you don’t update and upgrade yourself, you expire.”

Dr Sampie Van Niekerk, Dr Mike’s spiritual father, said: “I feel much honoured to be part of the celebration of my son’s achievement. I first met Dr Mike 12 years ago and he told me I was the first white man he ever related to. I also say tonight that, Dr Mike, you are the first black person I ever related to and now the barrier in your life and that in my life has been broken.”

People were spellbound as the man of God poured his heart out. He said he found Dr Mike a man who had a passion for God and His Kingdom; a man who has a passion for Revival. “I still see a servant of God, who has grown in spiritual stature.  A man, who has been prophesied upon, hands laid on and kept on stirring the gifts. He has developed into a leader of influence who will not only impact Fountain of Life Christian Centre, but the whole region and the nations of the world.”

“The success of a father is determined by his children superseding what he has achieved. Thank you, Dr Mike, for superseding me. Growth can only take place if there is life, and I know that Dr Mike is a man who carries life. I am a proud father,” Dr Van Niekerk concluded.

Without Pastor David Mulutsi, it wouldn’t have been a complete day because his role was to deliver the Word of God. Anyway, it is due to His works that this day became possible. We were so blessed when he shared from the word of God under the Topic “Being An Effective Student.” He read   from 2 Timothy 2:14-18.

“The Bible talks about progressing in life. We need to study so that we can present ourselves approved unto God, that we shouldn’t be ashamed because we are rightly dividing the Word of Truth,’’ Pastor Mulutsi said. We thank God that 15 people got born again on the lovely evening.

The buzz of excitement went across the 1500 sitter auditorium as Dr Mike stood up to say something on the blessed day. He thanked God for His mercy and love an acknowledged that “God Can”. “I thank My Wife Sophie for the support she gave me since the beginning of this ministry. I thank my children and also my parents for standing by me even when I decided to quit teaching. To all the servants of God, I would say even if you experience some difficulties cling to God and keep on trusting Him. Young people, this is for your encouragement. You must learn to sacrifice, stretch a little more than others. You cannot do what you were doing and expect different results. To my spiritual sons: thanks for the spiritual connection. To my spiritual parents: I thank God for His love that He has ministered through your lives. The elders of the church and the church, I cannot trade you for anything,” Dr Mike said.

After the graduation proceedings, our guests were treated to dinner at Winner’s Centre.

Glory be to God